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Best Google Web Fonts

Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography.

Month wise Colour Code

Month wise Colour Code with CSS

Submitting a form by Pressing Enter without a Submit Button

This code is working submit a form by pressing enter but not displaying a submit button. if your form not work after enter, use this code your proble

How to backup wordpress code without Cpanel Open

The most effective method to Modify WordPress Files Without cPanel Access Traditionally, the most ideal approach to alter these is by signing into cPa

Best https and www redirection plugin for wordpress

Best https and www redirection plugin for wordpress .

Wordpress header image Blurry

Each time you've added enormous pictures to WordPress, they've looked hazy on your blog. Perusers need to tap on the picture to see the greater, less

Word Hide PHP replace String

PHP has the function to replace all words or letters in a string or sentence with a str_replace() command. This command are very important for PHP Dev

What is Javascript?

JavaScript is most regularly utilized as a customer side scripting language. This implies JavaScript code is composed into a HTML page. At the point w

Css modal popup

If you want to lightweight code use on your popup so this example help you. This code only on css base no need Javacript Code.  The Modal module is

HTML5 Tutorial

HTML5 gives a quicker and progressively vigorous way to deal with web advancement. Tip: Our HTML instructional exercise will assist you with learning

Why use HTML5?

HTML5 additionally makes setting sound and video content a breeze. It treats that content equivalent to it would with picture labels, and this makes t

Open Bootstrap Modal on Page Load

Bootstrap example of Bootstrap Onload Modal using HTML, Javascript, jQuery, and CSS. code by MJ Info IT Skill.

Bootstrap Carousel Slider Speed Control

Bootstrap carousel slider below is setting to change slider time interval transition speed of sliderimages.

Secure Your Website With SSL Certificate

Secure Your Website With SSL Certificate

Excel fixed cell

Select the cell below the rows and to the right of the columns you want to keep visible when you scroll.

Css Slide Contact Form

The straightforward demonstration of an article sliding on screen is one that interests to guests. What's more, commonly, guests are all the more read

The number of ads you can show has been limited

Go to feedback option and screenshot your add sance account then submit this content. after 30 minute your add error solve.

Font Awesome Introduction

You place Font Awesome icons by using the prefix fa and the icon's name. To configuration is to find connections and to make game plans and improvemen

Clear Both in CSS

Clear Both are very Important part of CSS. Blank floating are remove and correct design. Div property specifies on which side of an element floating e

Responsive Web Design Media Queries-MJ Info

CSS media query combines a media type and a condition that shows how web content will appear on a particular device. CSS Media queries are an excellen

What is CSS3?

It brings a great deal of hotly anticipated oddities, as adjusted corners, shadows, inclinations, advances or movements, just as new designs like mult

Session Knowledge

A technique for putting away factors that contain information for the program to utilize is known as a session. Data about the present client is kept

Bootstrap 4 Vertical Nav Tabs

Bootstrap gives a simple and brisk approach to make fundamental nav segments like tabs and pills which are truly adaptable and rich. All the Bootstrap

Bootstrap 3 Modal

Learn how to implement modal window, dialog box or popup functionality using the Bootstrap modal plugin with minimum effort without writing any JavaSc

Password Protected Link

At the point when you secret key secure a connection, guests to your site must enter a secret word to access the connected page. This component may re

Bootstrap 3 Dropdown Responsive Menu free Download

Free helpful responsive route menu models download and instructional exercises to improve utilizing just CSS or you can structure with jquery module t

HTML5 Attributes

HTML5 permits four diverse linguistic uses for qualities. In HTML5, every one of the four punctuations might be utilized, contingent upon what is requ

HTML5 forms introduction and new attributes

Probably the best thing about HTML5 structures is that you can utilize practically these new info types and properties at the present time. They don't

html5 validation

HTML5 Form Validation. A couple of months prior Sandeep acquainted us with the HTML Constraint API, demonstrating how we can utilize the new HTML5 inp

Php Capitalize Function

The ucfirst() function converts the first character of a string to uppercase. The ucwords() function converts the first character of each word in a st